laser cladding machine

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Laser Cladding Machine

This Laser Cladding System is probably the first of its kind in India. Featuring a 2.8 KW fiber coupled Diode Laser and a coaxial powder-feeding nozzle for Porosity free, and near crack-free nickel-based coatings; high content globular tungsten carbide (WC) get applied to metal surfaces. The process reduces the operational cost of conventional CO2 systems by at least a factor of three, and lowers investment cost by utilizing smaller Laser systems.

Our Laser cladding system is extremely compact in size, easy to operate, has high wall plug efficiency, lower investment and running costs for Laser cladding; especially in an industrial environment.

laser cladding machine supplier
The Laser Cladding Principle:
A Metal Surface-enhancing process performed by applying a powdered metal material on to the base surface, forming a Laser bond with minimal dilution, nominal melting and small heat affecting zone.

Laser Cladding Features:
  • 50m to 2mm coating thickness
  • Low dilution
  • High bonding strength
  • High repeatability, low heat affected zone (HAZ)
  • Metal and ceramic coating materials

Technical Specifications

Description Value
Laser Type Diode Laser
Laser Power 2.8 kw
Wavelength 808 / 940 nm ± 10 nm
Shortest focal length 66 mm
Power range 300 – 2800 W
Min. Spot Size 0.8 x 1.3 mm
Working Distance 42 mm
Fiber Coupling 1.5 mm dia. 0.35 NA
Powder Feeder
Powder delivery Unit Dual Driven
Controller Siemens
Area flow measurement
for optical control
Dual variable
Container volume 1.5 ltr
Disk With groove 2 Nos
Flow meters 2 Nos
Mixer 2 Nos
Heating Jackets 2 Nos
X 1000 mm
Y 1000 mm
Z 100 mm
Accuracy 50 um
Repeatability 25 um
Optional Chiller unit, Di-Humidifier Laser goggles, UPS.
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