fiber laser metal cutting machine

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Fiber Laser Metal Cutting Machine

  • Structure: gantry, flying optics, double drive
  • Type: 500 watt, Fiber Laser Metal Cutting – 3015
  • Cast aluminum alloy beam (Y axis), great dynamic performance. The optical path changes while the sheet keeps still, thus the processing efficiency is high.
  • European servo motor, reliable and stable.
  • X/Y axis adopts imported gear and rack, reduction gear, whose life and precision can be ensured.
fiber laser metal cutting machine
  • IS equipped with section duster to improve the working environment. The area beneath the cutting table is divided into several sections. During the cutting process, only the ducts directly beneath the cutting head are open for fume extraction. The ducts in the other sections remain closed to improve dust collection.
  • Equipped with IPG or SPI 500W Fiber Laser: IPG & SPI Company are the world’s biggest manufacturers of fiber Lasers in the world. The Laser has the following characteristics: the efficiency of photovoltaic conversion is 30% higher and so no need of gas. The cost is only 40% of that of CO2 Lasers. The efficiency of cutting sheet within 3mm thick is 80% higher than that of CO2 Laser; the comprehensive cost is much lower. The transmission of the laser beam depends on the fiber without any mirror. The Laser structure is small and compact with high reliability.
Machine Configuration:
No. Contents
1 Pneumatic system: Combined of products from SMC, BURKERT, ARK, 3A Company
2 CNC System: High performance CNC system
3 Transmission system: X, Y axis- precision gear and rack
4 Reflector beam delivery system: One flexible beam delivery fiber, focus lens, protective lens
5 Scrap gathering device: Drawer Scrape cars
6 Dust remover: The built-in wind machine and channel.(we supply the size of the channel to the customer)
7 O2, N2, and air auto-exchange system
8 One set of specialized cutting head
9 Lubrication and seal protection for guide
10 Electric control system of the machine toolProducts of SIMENS, Schneider and other famous domestic companies
11 High pressure cutting system
12 One LEAD NEST auto-nesting software
13 One chiller
14 IPG 500W Laser
15 Flying piercing function
Technical Specifications:
No. Item Parameters Unit
1 Sheet size 3000×1500 mm
2 X axis stroke 3000 mm
3 Y axis stroke 1500 mm
4 Z axis stroke 100 mm
5 Positioning accuracy ±0.03 mm/m
6 Repositioning accuracy ±0.02 mm
7 Max positioning speed 60 m/min
8 Max thickness of mild steel to cut 6 mm
9 Max thickness of stainless steel to cut 3 mm
10 Laser power 500 w
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